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Based on the style of Elaine's Couture, a wedding dress must be designed and tailored just for you and reflects your spirit. 
In my wedding gowns you will always find references to the history of costume, in structured dresses that combine traditional and modern techniques and materials.

I will create for you a dress connected to you and capable of evoking wonderful memories: we will start from the choice of the theme of inspiration/dear to you, then the design of the dress and the choice of color and fabrics.
You can also request custom embroidery and assistance during the day of the ceremony.
Request a quote or order your own dress by filling out the form below and indicating your needs and preferences.
You can also request up to four sketches of your wedding dress: each sketch starts from 40 euros, this cost will be deducted from the cost of your gown.
Inquiries / Orders

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