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Elaine's Couture's historically inspired dresses and original designs are made to order and on your measurements: you can choose a piece from the collections or request a new design.
I will create for you an outfit that follows the mood of the event you will participate at or of your performance and that, as far as possible, takes into account the need to make the dress lighter and quicker to wear. 
To achieve this, we will start from the choice of the historical period or the theme of inspiration, then the design of the piece and the choice of color and fabrics.

You can request custom embroidery you and/or a matching headpiece.
To achieve the perfect design for you I provide up to four sketches of your dress/outfit: the cost of the sketch / sketches will be deducted from the cost of your gown.

Request a quote or order your own dress/outfit by filling out the form below and indicating your needs and preferences.

Inquiries / Orders

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