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In the following sections you will find:
- Terms and Conditions 
Mock-up service
- Payment plans
-Information about shipments and deliveries 
- About


All gowns, garments, corsets and underpinnings are exclusively bespoke and made to order: the only exceptions are a limited number of ready-to-ship items.
In the shop you will find the most requested designs and historical periods, but if you do not find the desired historical era or garment or if you want to order an original design you can request it by filling the contact form, or by sending an email at

Once your order has been defined and the quote approved, I will create for you a private listing on the shop.

You can request a payment plan: discover more here.

While placing your order, always take into account these variables: 
-some materials are not immediately available and any delays in the delivery of these can lengthen the processing time of your order by a few days.
-if the order is paid in installments, consider that the processing of your order will start only when 75% of the total cost has been paid. The order will not be completed before it has been fully paid for.
- fabric samples and photographic wips must be requested before placing your order (fabric samples may involve a small surcharge due to shipping fees)
- processing times are communicated during the estimate phase, please avoid insistent questions and requests during the work process

All the information, details and communications concerning the order will be exchanged via e-mail: please keep your message concise and try to avoid splitting a single response into multiple emails.


Both for non-profit artwork and for artwork made for-profit / with the intention to be sold, please carefully consult  “Terms and Conditons”.

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