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How to order and payments methods

All gowns, garments, corsets and understructures are exclusively bespoke and made to order: the only exceptions are  a limited number of ready-to-ship items.

In the shop you will find the most requested designs and historical periods, but if you do not find the desired historical era or garment or you want to order an original design you can request it by filling out the contact form, or by sending an email at

Once your order has been defined and the quote approved, you will be notified of payment terms. 
You can choose between these payment methods: 

- a private listing on the shop 
- wire transfer (you will be provided with the bank details; it is also valid for foreign countries) 
Cash payments are not accepted.


Order will be completed, delivered and shipped only if they have been fully paid for: deposits and installments are not refundable under any circumstance as they correspond to the purchase of materials and hours of work (carried out or otherwise committed).

Elaine's Couture ships all over the world from Italy using tracked and insured shipments by courier. 
Insured shipping is available upon request and must be requested by the customer before placing the order.
Prices and delivery time changes from country to country.

Customs charges/fees, local taxes or any other taxes (depending on the laws in force in the country of destination of the package) are never included in the shipping price or in the final price of your order and are always charged to the customer and are to be covered by the customer at delivery: Elaine's Couture is not required to remember or indicate the fulfillment of customs and tax obligations. Any charges or refund requests to Elaine's Couture will not be accepted. 

For the EU countries, once your order is ready, delivery time goes from 1 to 3 working days (unless service interruptions by the shipping company).

Each shipment is carefully prepared: all the delicate parts of a custom order are protected by padding, the package is made with rigid cardboard and covered by waterproof and recycled plastic sheet.

Once the package has been handed over to the courier or to the collection center, the integrity of the package and its contents is no longer the responsibility of Elaine's Couture: any damage or loss caused by the courier will not be refunded by Elaine's Couture. Any refunds will be possible only for insured shipments and will depend exclusively on the policy applied by the shipping company: you can count on the support of Elaine's Couture for the claim for damages. (Please note: even if insured shipments are never 100% refunded by any shipping company)

How your order works:
While placing your order, always take into account some variables: 
-some materials must be ordered and any delays in the delivery of these can lengthen the processing time of your order by a few days, regardless of my will. It is a rare case, but unfortunately these are possibilities that we must take into account
- if you want to request to pay your order in installments, consider that the processing of your order will start only when 75% of the total has been paid and will not be completed before it's has been fully paid for
- fabric samples and photographic wips must be requested before placing your order and may involve a small surcharge 
- processing times are communicated during the quote phase, please avoid insistent questions and requests during the work process


Mock-up service:

The mock-up service is provided for customers who cannot come by the studio for measurements and/ or fittings.
The bespoke garment prototype will be made with canvas (without decorations, linings, etc.) and sent to the customer. The customer will try the mock-up and, once any changes have been established, send it back to Elaine's .
This service is only available for corsets, dresses and coats/overcoats, it's a paid service and must be requested before placin
g your order.

Protection of intellectual property:
Every garment or accessory made by Elaine’s Couture can't be altered and re-labeled. The purchased designs remain the intellectual property of Elaine's Couture and cannot be used to create patterns, copied and sold under another name or brand, nor can they be copied/replicated by private individuals for profit, didactic purposes or personal use.

All Elaine's Couture designs, which are shown/visible on social media, website and online shop, cannot be reproduced for profit, educational purposes or for personal use.
The place of jurisdiction for any dispute is the Court of Florence.

Elaine's Couture designs or photos can be used as reference or inspiration for non-profit artwork. Artists are kindly requested to ask in advance via email the consent to use a design or photo in order to allow us to check whether the artwork does not conflict with company policies (Elaine's Couture and partners/associates reserve the right to deny consent to use) and they are required to credit Elaine's Couture and the team members (photographer, model,...) on social networks, websites and/or on the brochures of any physical non-profit exhibition.


For artwork made for-profit or with the intention to be sold, please contact us in advance via registered mail (see Contacts) : Elaine's Couture (and team members/associate) reserve the right to deny consent to the use of their own intellectual work for the purpose of profit-making if there are conflicts with company policies and/or a written agreement is not proposed.

Please note: it's considered use for profit also the use of Elaine's Couture designs or photos as references by teachers/professors during paid workshops/classes/courses.

The place of jurisdiction for any dispute is the Tribunal of Florence.

In the following sections you can also find:
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