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The mock-up of a gown/corset/coat is the prototype of the bespoke garment made with cotton canvas (without decorations, linings, etc.)

The mock up service is provided both for customers who can come by the studio for measurements and/ or fittings and for customers living abroad.

This service will be absolutely necessary to achieve the correct fitting for certain designs and historical gowns: in this case it will be mentioned in the shop listing description or in the estimate.

Customers living abroad (or that cannot to come by the studio) will receive the mock-up via courier: we will schedule a video call in which we are going to check the fitting and, once any changes have been established, the customer will send the prototipe back to Elaine's Couture studio (please note: the cost of the mock-up shipment, return and custom fees are charged to the customer).

Customers are required to sign a commitment to not copy (personally or by third parties) the mock-up's model or pattern.


The cost of this service and shipping will be defined in the estimate for the bespoke/custom made garment.

(Please note: for customers residing in the United States or in non-EU countries, it will not be possible to calculate customs fees in advance. If you would like to check and/or calculate the custom fees before placing your order, you are welcome to ask the price of the mock-up.)

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