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For inquires and orders please fill the contact form or send an email at

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Historical costumes

and corsets

Bespoke gowns and attire, individual items of clothing and undergarments, from the mid 15th century to the early 20th century.



I will design and  create for you a dress connected to you and capable of evoking wonderful memories.

Wedding dresses


Original/ historically inspired designs

You can choose a design from the collections or request a new one.
I will create for you an outfit that follows the mood of the event you will participate at or of your performance.


When I design a new headdress I have only one rule: it should look like a small micro ecosystem and immediately take your mind into an enchanted and ancestral land.
A small collection of ready to ship headdress is always available in the online shop.




In collaboration with photographer Erica Mottin we offer fine art portraits and photosets.
Together we will create the concept and mood that best suits your wishes: according to service requested, you will have a selection of Elaine's Couture outfits and headdresses to choose from.


Corsets and historical underwear, pattern making, costume and fashion design, history of costume: all classes and workshops are individual, suitable to all ages and levels of experience and they take place at the studio or online.

Classes / workshops


Consulting service

Elaine's Couture provides consulting services about the history of Italian fashion from the 15th century to the 19th century.

This service is addressed to: fashion students, tour guides, writers, photographers and wedding/event planners.

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